Our School

Oak View Academy is a leading children playschool and learning academy based in Texas. We employ children friendly and highly innovative methodology to make children learn while having fun. At Castle Hills for Kiddies Only, we believe that education of a child begins at birth and the first few years of life, being the most formative, are the most important, both physically and mentally. We offer a high standard of care, and combine the strengths of the Traditional education system and the highly successful Montessori program to instruct and meet the developmental goals of each and every child. Children’s skills are developed through exploring and working with the Montessori materials, in combination with benefiting from group instructions based on the core curriculum benchmarks, resulting into school readiness and solid foundations for the coming years.

Our Mission

We at OAKVIEW ACADEMY, strive to meet the following goals for each & every child:

  • Loving, nurturing, and respectful care
  • Enjoyable learning
  • Development according to his/her potential and needs
  • Independence and Strength
  • Attainment of self discipline
  • Creativity
  • Love for knowledge and work
  • Ability to express thoughts and feelings

We make sure that each of the classroom environment contains learning materials that invite children to engage in learning activities, sensory experiences, and language development. Our teachers guide and direct the children to cultivate hand and eye coordination, concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and an enthusiasm for learning.